The wolf

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I called this tale the tale of the wolf

I kept seeing this girl who had a red cloak over her head and over her shoulders as if it was a poncho walking around the forest trying to find her berries. It was very strange to see this red Ridinghood like figure coming around every night outside of my bedroom window as I fell asleep. If you wanna know I was sleeping on the ground level or main level of the house and was able to see the forest perfectly fine as well as the red Ridinghood like figure that was always re-appearing in the forest. As I decided to investigate I found out that she had something in her hand something very disturbing I didn’t know what it was I wanted to find out right away. So I got out of bed after reading my book the father Christmas letters by J.R.R. Tolkien. Then I went outside. When I went outside I was cold beyond believe it was a supposed to be a nice summer night. But I was colder than 40 below.

When I went into the forest and follow the figure with the red Ridinghood I found out she turned around and she went and looked at me in the eye holding the skull the flash skull of a wolf the wolf that ate her grandmother what is this a revenge killing that she was reviewing over and over again she was wearing. Clothing and a red cloak over her head and shoulders as if it were a poncho again. She had blonde pigtails they were braided and she looks like you’re innocent looking girl. Except for the defleshed skull of the Wolf. It was said that in the local legends they had red Ridinghood killed a wolf for eating her grandmother and eating everyone else that she loved and she Defleshed him.

She had a wild crazy insane deranged look and I when I looked at her she was looking into my saw ice cream and ran back to my old house and drew the curtains to my window and never came back to the forest except for the day time for hikes. I was afraid that if I saw the forest that night that red riding hood would return with her deranged luck. 

The end

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