horror movie recs

does anyone have any good recommendations? none of that goofy jumpscare stuff, what's a good movie you've seen that's given you guys chills. including gore lol. i need recs 

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The original Ringu is my all time fav, followed closely by An American Werewolf In London! The original Japanese version of The Ring uses atmosphere and mystery to build up to a very suspenseful climax, and it always keeps me invested until the very end! AAWIL is a horror/comedy with groundbreaking special effects that (in my opinion) still hold up 40 years later!

If you’re looking for some good gore I’d recommend The Thing (1982), re-animator (1985), or the saw franchise if you haven’t already seen them. Definitely super gorey and the thing especially has impressive sfx!

As for movies that gave me genuine chills... movies by ari aster always get to me. I’m a horror movie junkie but midsommar left me feeling really empty and I had to turn off Hereditary halfway through cause I was so anxious lol

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Ohhhh and the original Ju-On (the grudge) series is really, really good. Low budget suspense and brutal murder for the soul

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Ouuu yess midsommar was good but Thxs for the reply I’m adding the movies u suggested to my watchlist they sound so interesting the way u described them lol

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Btw cool profile

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thank you!!! hope you like the movies :]

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thxss loll and yw ofc! :)

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I don’t mind jumpscares but these movies I think they’re genuinely good and don’t over use jumpscares, Don’t Listen (Angel Gomez Hernandez, 2020), Terrified (Demian Rugna, 2017), Tigers are not afraid (Issa Lopez, 2017)
I don’t know if you have seen them but think they’re wonderful, the last one is heartbreaking and I love them 100%

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I haven’t! But I will gonna watch them fs. I don’t mind jump scares either I’m just tired of movies overusing them, yk, there’s a mood for them. Thxs for the suggestions :) I appreciate it

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