Use me poem

Swirling stomach 
 Ripped out tongue 
Bashed in brain
 Slipping in tears
Ringing in my ears
 Make love to my fears
Not like anyone hears
 The frustration in my cries
I’m bleeding out my eyes
 Smother me in my demise
I don’t bother try
 To slip out this hell
Suffocate in the smell
 Though I’d never tell
My bloody mouth
 Shut it tight
Bite and bite
 Decaying my skin
Stop breathing in
 Motionless void
I feel like a toy
 To you you cvnt 
You’ve used me like a blunt
 Roll me
Smoke me
 Toss me away
Inhale me
 Till your mind goes astray

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Damn that shit well written-

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Thank u love^^

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