"A Group Of People Blowing Me Off?"


That actually used to happen to me a LOT.

But one day, By Chance, it finally Stopped.

I wasn't even Looking Specifically about it or anything.

The thing is that, in Real Life, I AM A DAMN SERIOUS PERSON.

I have actually been told enough times.

I *used* to Fuck Around & Joke A Lot (as one of those Brazenly-Immature, Attention-Seeking guys) , but one day I started to notice that The World Was Not Taking Me As Seriously As I Felt I Deserved, & one day *something* somehow told me that maybe it was time THAT I STARTED TO ACT MORE SERIOUSLY.

AND I QUIT TALKING SO MUCH...because maybe people after a while maybe Grow Numb To Your Incessantly-Blaring Voice.

In time, I gradually started to actually notice that, whenever I actually DID SPEAK, The Whole Fucking Room Actually Shut Up & Would Turn To Look At Me (goddamn, that was surprising; I was NOT USED TO BEING HEEDED.).

And Listen.

No Lie.

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