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Entry on war

Post violence, 

most silent,

Hear no cryin 

When bodies lyin.

Scythe slicin 

Call me reaper 

The death bringer.

You, receiver 

No deceiver,

No escapin,

I’m takin you.

Dying has honor,

Only a martyr for borders

Comittin atrocities 

Across foreign countries.

Disguisin violence against a tyrant

As peace from a secret tyrant.

Keep misguided youth fightin,

“They died too soon.”

I hear no crying for the others.

The mothers loss,

Her daughters body tossed,

“Peace was never an option”

False, it’s what they wanted.

Gun shots, gun shots,

Don’t stop till none drop,

Just one in a million rain drops. 

What’s the price of another life?

Nothing if they’re on the other side.

Both sides see each other as the villains

Never look at them selves.

We’re right, they’re wrong,


Still, evil is an illusionary misconception.

So what’s the answer?

Violence and devision, 

Bring them to submission

No intermission.

With a loaded blaster 

Kill em faster

For your master.

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