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yesterday i went to see friends and to of them i haven seen since last year so it was so exiting. it was like a little unit Reunion and it was so nice for most of us to be back together again well half of us. Charlotte and jemima had to leave early but it was jemimas birthday and she left the cake for me eliza lexi and meg. lexi and meg are the ones we haven't seen since timbertop. eliza kept eating the cake even though it had gluten and everything was just like it used to be. when we were at timbertop everyone hated it cuz it was pretty much just boot camp but i miss it so much now. i miss everyone so much more now ive seen them again. around 1/4 of my unit left and im scared that the rest of us are drifting. i would sell my soul for that time back agian even if it was a hell on earth i think the good outwayed the bad. now ive made myself cry :(

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