for the gays

hi there! so this is my first official blog.. ever i think. i sat for around 2 hours just getting distracted by everything but here we are finally doing this xD 

heres my formal intro i guess 。^‿^。
im cait! im 19, from scotland ~ i have BPD (borderline personality disorder) and ASD (autism spectrum disorder)[ with PDA (pathological demand avoidance) tendencies which basically is just an extra anxiety disorder lol ] i also have chronic anxiety and some other shit too lmao IM BISEXUAL (¬‿¬)teehee
life has been pretty weird atm and not like the good weird u know? i kinda feel like im not like real and thats true cus time is literally made up and not real but now that i say that i sound crazy cus thats apparently not a normal thing to think? anyway ill be blogging about everything and anything when i can be bothered to lmao 

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