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if you want to be friends:

im not sure if anyones gonna read this but :D 

im felix, 16, (he/him)
im probably bi or gay
(im not sure if i like girls yet sns)
im single, but i love falling in love
i have the fattest crushes on many celebrities
not even gonna list them 

text me!! 
i usually text people who seem cool 

i can be a-lot sometimes, 
i love talking about myself not gonna lie
i like people who listen and care,
i get distracted easily, 
i try hard to be good at school stuff,
i have a few mental health problems but
i only talk about them when asked,

i try to be a good comforter, doesnt work out most of the time

i have a few close online friends and a friend group irl

i like animals, especially cats!! 
thats it

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