Anyone got tips for a better reputation?

Recently this girl in pe has been rlly nice and has become my friends but she doesn’t have the best reputation because she got into a f1ght with some ch4vs when she first joined and atm she’s started dating this weird geeky Canadian guy which is literally the whole talk of the school rn but I feel like because I’ve started hanging out with her in PE the other girls don’t rlly respect me as much as they used to they don’t really speak to me anymore rlly I’m worried this will ruin my reputation I’m currently on holidays rn so when we get back to school I want to make my self more liked if y get what I mean. I kind find that the way u look changes what ppl think of u. Amber is ginger so ppl just take the mick out of her. I use to take a black backpack to school and I am socially awkward a bit so I’m quiet in class ppl made jokes of me being the “quiet kid with a β0Μβ in her bag” but when I got a handbag they didn’t say that anymore and once I had false nails people started complimenting them. I feel like depending on how y look like what kind of hair , makeup, jewellery and accessories u have kind of change ur reputation and how people look at u People don’t like good 2 shoes I think popular girls are more friendly with people who go against the dress code and how they socialise. Ik it’s kinda weird how I observe this but I’m sure these simple things change how people like u. I started wearing Jewlery and bringing  body sprays and i started wearing make up and people usually compliment my makeup, I also Started tucking my jumper into my pants and leaving my blazer button un done and I feel people are more casual around me if y get what I mean?I just want some advice Mabye what I can do to look pretty r something like that, I’m trying to get more popularity like this bc I’m not best with social interaction I can’t think of what to say and I’m usually awkward and I just get embarrassed. But if I look better people might just automatically like me. So if anyone has any tips on what kind of jewellery or any ways I can change my uniform or hair

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