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Hatched Egg Years Later

It's weird seeing trans kids that are so open and accepted by some people. I wish that was me 10/11 years ago. I was told the lie that "trans people are disgusting" a lot but to me it never felt true. I knew it was a lie. I never felt like a girl bit I also didn't feel like a boy. Maybe something somewhere in between? That's how I described how I felt back then. But no, there were "two genders" no place for kids like me. Years later looking back I wish I were out as I feel like I would have been so much happier. I wish there was a term back then that was known to describe people like me. I wish I was able to say like I say now "I'm nonbinary" and know others who were like me who weren't just a girl or just a boy but somewhere in the vast colorful gender spectrum. I am so happy that more kids feel comfy with this now & I do know that more people I knew 10/11 years ago accept the weird me now especially since coming out but I wish I could have been more open to them as a kid 10/11 years ago & that enby kid who was able to be out with friends was me.

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