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words cannot explain how much i love gyaru. everything about it is so fun!?!? my fave sub-genres are: rokku, kogal, hime, agejo, onee, amekaji, etc. 

para para is also SO FUNN (im kinda bad at it tho). 
the magazines the music the makeup i love it sm
And the vast majoritys of the gyarus ive met are soo niceeeeee

ive only got into it mid last year so if ur interested in gyaru then comment coz omg

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ive been interested into gyaru but idk how to get into it or what to look for lol

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i honestly just did a shit ton of research LMAO

by sam <3; ; Report

makes sense, im just lazy and would prefer getting help from a gyaru expert

by DuckyDanky; ; Report

yeah i get that

by sam <3; ; Report