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Looking for friends on Discord!!

Yep, you've just saw what this is for. The title gives it away. Well! Is anyone interested? I am honestly not a rude person, and I'm not one of those plaaain, boooring texters. Since most of my so-called ''friends'' have moved on, the app just feels lonely. Aaaaand, the reason I put the speech marks "   " in between friends, is because most of them were honestly just using me, trying to get into relationships with me, blah blah blah, you get the point of it, they were all mostly just like any ordinary person trying to manipulate you into things. Yeah. And no! I'm not trying to be selfish, and I'm not trying to get any of you to do anything that you don't want to do, if you aren't very convinced about it, that is completely alright. I clearly understand! What I am looking for is a proper friendship, you know. Most friends I've had either have just abandoned their account, dumped me, caused an argument, aaaaaand, I can't think of any more. So, as I said before, you get the point. I just think that it's possible, and I feel like there's a TON of nice people on here. I just feel like I could wake up to a nice friendship, and there would be no more drama. I need someone who's trustworthy, and someone who'll never leave you. I promise I'll give the world to you, and I'm always here for you to vent anytime. Soooo, here is my Discord account!   


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