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my f4m r c0m1ng uP & sUgg3st m3 som3 th3m3s!!1!

h3y guYs!!1!

1 aM m4d rn... mY f4m1ly r c0m1ng uP n i d0nt w4nn4 b3 rUd3 bUt 1 rlly d0nt w4nn4 spe4k 2 th3m, th3yr3 wayy rUde t0 m3...

th3yr3 st4ying for a wh0le WEEk omfg D:

4nyw4ys... try1n t0 le4rn m0re 4b0ut sp4cehey cUs i c4nt f1nd 4ny th3m3s i l1ke... 

1 w4nt smth pUrpl3, d4rk c0l0urEd, m4yb3 w1th s0me sm4ll 4n1mat1ons, and i d0nt w4nt 1t t0 b3 h4rd t0 read... m4yb3 sUgg3st m3 s0me?

f4nks g4ng!!1!1! :D

t3ddy s1gn1ng oFF!1!!

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