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Let’s kill Lana rhoades

The lower life forms at my school have made yet another Lana rhoades reference to me istg I’m actually going to shit out one of my intestines and strangle them with it. I’ve had enough I am fighting the urge to commit murder. If I kill somebody at me school then that’s my reputation down the drain but if I kill Lana they can’t reference her. My last name is Rhodes not rhoades it’s completely different spellings these dickheads do not see this. I am going to ask the kid who writes ppls adresses down in his planner where the little lower life forms live and I will go to their house and lob their play station out of window enough fifa for u little cunt go touch some grass u wet concrete lookin ass. Bet they’re all pΩrn addicts as well proper mank why u watchin Lana rhoades anyways how do they even kno who she is I just heard of her and curiousity got the best of me but I bet these little freaks watch her video while having a whank dirty little shrivelled dicks

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Gum Skyloard

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That's awful.

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