Thought I bought my dream car... finding out its my nightmare

Im not generally the kinda person to rant and rave about stuff but I am just purely heated over this situation so I believe im going to feel better if I get it out and down on this page... In march of last year before covid I got the opportunity to buy one of my dream cars. I jumped at the opportunity and bought the car. I live in Upstate NY and drove from where I live to Central NJ 4 hours away to buy this car and trailer it home as it wasn't in drivable order at the time. Its a 35 year old car... I understood this so none the less I drove down to get it. In Jun of 20 I put insurance on the car and was told at that time there was a discrepancy in the year of the car at hand. I was under the impression that I purchased a 89 Porsche 944 and was told by insurance that the car was in fact a 1986 ย no big deal to me I figured it was going to be a easy fix come the time I was going to register the car because I also was under the impression that In NY you're allowed to have one unregistered vehicle in your possession. Local Code showed up last week and told me I have a 72 hours to move the car or they are going to take it per their local laws being more stringent... I negotiated that I needed about a month that the car cant be moved its being worked on ill get to registering it. Today I went to register the car... Go to the DMV they tell me no we think something is wrong ย the car could be stolen... Im like... I DONT NEED THIS RIGHT NOW. I go to the police station they pull the vin and the car to them says its a 89. They give me a paper to basically say yea the car is what it is... I go back to the DMV and they basically tell me too bad so sad New Jersey has to fix this issue... I try calling NJ. 3 hour wait... FML KILL ME NOW. Im fed up at this point I just want to get this fixed. I call NJ State Police and they put me in contact with The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission fraud department.... I send them all the info and they tell me they will fix the issue and be in contact once they get to the bottom of it but they currently own the car as the title is no good -.- so my dream car is under investigation stuck in my driveway... needless to say... I own a car I cant work on cant register and cant move -.- ย Rant Over -.-

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Sounds like a shitty situation. Something similar happened to a buddy of mine who bought a 1989 Volvo 240 DL wagon in Texas and couldn't get it registered in Louisiana. It pays to pay the $50 or $60 and order a Carfax report for piece of mind.

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Turns out Im the 9th owner... Car was bought in 85 as a 86... sold to someone in NY as a 86 then to another in NY as a 86 then to someone in PA as a 86 then someone else in PA as a 86... then 3 times in NJ as a 89... sounds like a NY problem to me >.>

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