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Strange dreams x3

💌╰ᘏ ౨ ˖˚˳⊹ ꒰ー ₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎ ₊˚ ꒷꒦✦ ︶🧸

So, i dream a lot, and i want to tell sum dreamd i had across my short life >3>

˚₊︵ ୨ Dream 1 :3୧ ︶꒦ \🎀꒷

So, this first dream rounds abt 2016, i  waked up, and my bed where too close to the window, when usually is on a corner of my room, and when i look in the window there's a gigantic alien looking at me, and i like kinda knew that they and their friends killed my whole town and i was the next, and i needed to do something for them to not be killed, and at the other side of the bed there was a flute, and when i play ir, i just can play the happy birthday, it was great for the alien, he started to dance, he says to play another song and when i try it was awful, so i get back to the happy birthday and they're so happy with it again so they take me with them to kill more ppl, so i just stay outside of the houseand listen to everyone scream, sowhen they end, they just take me with them to their UFO, so they shows me to the other aliens, so i start to play the happy birthday, and there's when i woke up, it was a really strange dream xD.

໒ ﹕⸝⸝ʚDream 2ɞ╰ᘏ ౨ ˖˚˳

This dream starts with me being a little ghost, i'm like a dead kid on a park, i went to the swing and when i got on it it just disappeared, so i get up and look up for a friend, and when i look at everyone in the park everyone's like black figures walking around, some short some tall, and then i catch a person with no face, like it was a black hole on their face, and i asked them what was happening and when i asked i woke up, this one's the most nonsense and calm dream i had lol

ꉂ(ˊᗜˋ )ɞ ﹢ ❝Dream 3❞ ❀

I went to the kitchen of my house and when i open the door i find a little note with a doll that says: Take me to [insert adress]. So i was like "okay" i take the doll to that adress and it was a pizzeria(?) and when i leave it there i kinda want to know what happens bc the doll was a bit scary, so i hide dehind a wall that was there for a reason that i don't know, and then a strange dressed up person comes and takes the doll, and then they look at me and starts to follow me, so i went to run, i was scared, and suddenly, i appear on the top of a building, and i fell off accidentally, and then i woke up, i mean it wasn't the most normal dream, but i wasn't the most strange ig

That's all folks !!!!!11! >3>

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