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PLEASE stop sending friend requests. It's on my page that I will not accept it n rejecting them makes me feel bad! So please stop sending them I beg u. U don't need me, some 20-something, as a friend on here. Block if me u want to jic u forget or something! 

I've been coming back every now n again to 5+ FRs each time and a lot of them are 17 n under. I'm gonna try n redo my layout soon since it's a mess so I'll try n make it more prominent a notice. 

Also if ur reading this n ur on my friend list as a minor, please unfriend me as I either added u by accident or I gave the benefit of the doubt if u don't have ur age/birth year in ur profile. Don't worry, I won't be mad or anything it's okay just unfriend/block me pls. It makes me super uncomfortable!

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