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Yes, you read that right:  Today, SpaceHey crossed 500 000 registered users! Five hundred thousand! 🤯
This is incredible!! I can't really believe this yet!

I started SpaceHey about one and a half years ago at the end of 2020 as a fun, nostalgic project - and I would've never thought that it would bring joy to so many people one day!

I am incredibly grateful for all of your support, your messages, and your kindness.
500 000 Users - This is unreal!

I want to take this special day as an opportunity to talk with you about some important things:


Let's talk about monetization. As with everything, running SpaceHey isn't free for me (How do you make money with a free social network without tracking and selling user data?). And especially with more and more users joining, it isn't getting cheaper. Currently, most of the money needed to pay for the servers is coming out of my own pocket, with some money coming from the sticker sales and something new:
As you may have noticed, there's currently a small Ad on the SpaceHey homepage. This helps a lot with covering the costs this month, but  it isn't forever. I'm trying hard to find companies like the current one, which are willing to pay for a small Ad on SpaceHey (without tracking), but it's incredibly hard. If you know any potential ethical advertisers or have other ideas, please let me know! I'm thankful for any ideas or contacts!


My number one priority is - and always has been - to provide a safe, inclusive, and friendly space for everyone online. There is no place for racism, hatred or discrimination on SpaceHey.
I am working on improving some things regarding this topic: I'm working on a better "Report" system and better Admin tools for me (and potential volunteer helpers in the future).
Thank you everyone who is actively reporting misbehaving users and content - this helps a lot!


As you may have noticed, I'm currently working on improving the SpaceHey server infrastructure behind the scenes. I'm trying to make everything faster and more stable, so the servers can handle growth spikes better in the future. If you want to help me pay for all the servers, I'd be incredibly happy if you'd buy some SpaceHey Stickers for a few bucks. Thank you!

The Future

There are a lot of small and big improvements and new features on my To-Do List, and I can't wait to share them with you! However, I am still the only one working on SpaceHey (it's truly a one-(m)an show), and there is so much I need to do. For example, there are thousands of IMs and emails I haven't replied to yet (sorry!!) and my days just don't have enough hours for everything.
That said, I am working on new features and improvements for SpaceHey, but it may take some time until they're ready. I hope you understand.

I want to end this blog entry by just saying THANK YOU again. Seriously, you can't imagine how happy and excited I am that 500 thousand people are on SpaceHey. This is amazing!!

I hope all of you have a great day!

Thank you for being on SpaceHey. You're awesome!

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thank u so much for all ur hard work!

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Cryptic Jasmine

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Incredible! Huge congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work! I would be interested in volunteering in the future :)

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Finn Fucktard

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make us able to add photos and videos "view my : pics | videos" just like the original Myspace. add a top8.

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i dont think big artists will appear on here at first but make it a platform for new artists just like those myspace bands that made it big just from using myspace. soon the big artists might flock here. "spacehey music"? lol

by Finn Fucktard; ; Report


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I will support your efforts. Providing a "town space" an place where we can just hang out and talk without all the mess is really cool man. So count me in. Give me some stickers

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What about cryptocurrency donations or something akin to a tip jar?

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and monero donations if possible

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g0thk1tty!!≧◡≦'s profile picture

this is so cool i was born in 2009 so this is very cool to me and i'm so happy that i found this cute and amazing website :]!! i don't have monye to give but heres all my love!

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i cant wait to see this site grow even more!!! x3

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Creating an advertising suite that tracks basic things like age, gender, and nationality might attract additional advertisers. I know implementing a complex ad auction system might be an impossible task for one guy though. There's also some print to order companies you could do a merch shop with (printful as an example). I'm sure some users (myself included) would like a spacehey shirt or hat with their sticker. Even adding a straight up donation button would help as well on everyone's homepage for just the badge on their profile. If you need any additional info or any help feel free to contact me. I'd love to help out any way I can!

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How much a month would I have to pay you to get an ad spot just saying how cool I am?

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Star Faery

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Hi. I was a very active user on the original 2005-ish Myspace and was very active (20,000 friends). You did a pheneomenal job on this site. Here are some suggestions I have after using it a day: Improve notifications to groups (this will greatly increase people interacting with each other and staying on the site if they know when someone replies to their post in a group). Bring in an *optional* Top 8. I know you're way too young to know about the Top 8 drama that basically broke many friendships lol. BUT it's a feature many crave, especially those with thousands of friends who need to be able to keep track of their close buds. So simply add it and make it optional ^_^. Get a Internet star such as Tila Tequila, Jeffree Star, or Kiki Kannibal to join and spread the word. Heck, try to convince the orignal Tom. Also, improve photo albums.That's it. I'm not nitpicking. I'm twice your age and couldn't accomplish what you've already did. . It's just advice from an original Myspace mega user :) Keep up the good work. The site is still new and already amazing.

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I’ll co-sign this.

by nick; ; Report

Jocelynn Hernandez

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Jocelynn Hernandez

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Lee King

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Thank you for bringing back the nostalgia and love!

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that's 4W350M3!!!!!!!

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Happy to see this place growing :D

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Been here for a year. Completely forgot about it but here I am lol

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This is awesome. SpaceHey is a nice peek into what social media used to be, and a welcome respite from what social media currently is. Congrats on making a platform that makes it fun to be online again!

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Yeah , for real

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I saw this posted on Tiktok and joined to see what all the hype about Mysapce was.. I get it now lol it's pretty cool

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B-) Good job, kid.

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