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Nearly hatecrimed

collage of my night out

Don't go to Woody's if you're alt!

God last night was the first time anybody has been super negative about my style. I hung out with my neighbor before going to the bar. She blinged me tf out with a pink spikey choker (that I really didnt get pics with) the nails, and some new leg warmers, which I obvi wore! Went to this gay bar, but I guess theres a difference between gay and queer. Everybody seemed to be normies and already in love or whatever. The music was very millennial tasting. There was a circle around me of space where people didn't even want to get near me, which was kind of nice I was hardly bumped around. But I went to go for a smoke break with my friend and some dude comes up and asks to bum 2 cigs. I say a dollar each and he asks, "are you into NFT's". Homie was willing to trade an nft for a cig what was the world come to. Thats when his buddy started saying some shit about me behind my back to my friend, who then said it loud enough for me to hear. He called me very very weird, which I know already. The kicker is that then he asked "What do you gain from dressing that way." I gain everything! Happiness!!
Some people just aren't comfortable with themselves so when they see somebody who is completely themselves it makes then insecure, and they lash out, no? But it ended up being fine cuz then me and my friend went back to her place and made those cute brownies!!

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