03/04/22 - 22:54

Easy Life - Nightmares
Pisse - Fahradsattel
Fall Out Boy - Hold me tight or don't
Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Cocaine jesus

Aight, Monster Rehab in Peach Tea flavour is fucking elite, this bitch matches my Bengals hoodie, I'm thriving-

I don't know what to put here so you're just gonna get whatever absolute bullshit comes to my head on this blog <3

M slowly phasing back to my Early 2000's vibe phase and I'm living for it,, my music taste is shifting back to it and so is my fashion but I always sorta wore that stuff?? Idk man all I know is my vibes are immaculate again and I'm hot, so take the shit I've ben listening to recently and enjoy :

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I will be listening to this bullshit all night bb, tyty.

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