Is god real?

Is he?

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Gum Skyloard

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To me, if he is, he's a cruel god. So many genocides he's commanded, so much suffering he's commended, so much pain he's caused.

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yeah but religious people say he is testing us. maybe its a harsh test but idk

by DeathMetalBarbie; ; Report

Why should be? Doesn't he know all that will, won't, can and could happen? Why test when he already knows all the possible and impossible answers?

by Gum Skyloard; ; Report

Yeah idk apparently it’s cuz it’s so we can see for ourselves

by DeathMetalBarbie; ; Report

He'd know what it takes to convert all of us, without any sort of pain. If he really wanted us to believe in him (or if he really existed), and there was a true religion, everyone would believe in it.

by Gum Skyloard; ; Report

ye ig

by DeathMetalBarbie; ; Report


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Perhaps one of the most asked questions in philosophy and theology.

I don't think so. The silence of God makes me uneasy and I choose to not believe in a figure who offers no reciprocation for those who worship him. Some people say they can *hear* God but I just believe they *want* to hear God.

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Interesting yeah it’s kinda hard to believe in something that just seems unreal. Like I was raised religious and everytime I asked god for something it didn’t come true like he doesn’t exist but at the same time like I wonder how the world was made and the Big Bang theory just doesn’t make sense to me and god kinda does idk

by DeathMetalBarbie; ; Report

I was raised religious too. Muslim. I guess for me it was more, god didn't answer me and I felt more in fear of him than anything. I didn't want that. I didn't find comfort in that. That led me to stop believing.

by swchr; ; Report

I was raised Muslim too. My family used to say if something didn’t come true it’s cuz it will in the future or it will in heaven. They forced their religion on me and if I had any doubts they would try to convince me to believe and they said they would not accept me if I didn’t share the same religion. Because it was forced it drove me away but at the same time they had good points and I kinda wanna he religious just in case god is real and idk I’m in this weird state

by DeathMetalBarbie; ; Report