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dni list

I don't usually do blogs, I'm more into Bulletin's but I just felt the need to make one of these bc some ppl who im uncomfortable with are adding me so here's this ig.

dni list gbhnjkm
-"those" dream [smp] fans (idc if you, in general just watch him but if you're over-the-top about it please dni)
-any over-obsessive anime fans 
-any transphobic, homophobic, or racist people
-anyone over the age of 30 
-any of my ex's/ex friends
-people who only add me to promote their music and/or podcasts in my profile comments or DM's
-anyone from my school whom i didn't give my user to

if you fall into any of those categories please dni and if you do send me a friend request, i will simply deny it

interact list lol
-cuphead fans
-shameless fans
-bojack horseman fans
-albertsstuff fans
-gorillaz fans
-bo burnham fans
-lana del rey fans
-corpse bride fans
-rick and morty fans
-south park fans
-anyone who has a tabby cat named soup, ily

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ik this was posted a while ago but I just looked up albertsstuff and this came up so HI

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oohh i love albertsstuff/flamingo :D

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