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Escaping Satan's kingdom

It is very important that trigger warnings and disclaimers are to be thoroughly considered throughout this story. Enjoy

There is no sound at all this morning only a warm burnt orange kiss emitting from the lighting created by the beige curtains hanging a perfect two inches from the ceiling. I had chosen these curtains in this particular shade to indicate in the most subtle way that everything has begun to unfreeze and begin all over again by the soft glow it becomes in the morning hours.  

There is in fact a feeling of excitement that came over me at the thought of what today meant, it's his birthday today and I’ve always cherished that day in my heart because everything I’ve ever done is for him. The date of his birthday does come out to be a very intense energetic fusion of happiness and reflection which always results in a very emotional outcome, and I will always be there by his side when he needs me the most.  

He was already out of bed a few hours before I did and went on to his regular weekly responsibilities that weren't exactly how he planned but was everything he lived for, perplexity. His ability to be presented with a complex problem and dissolve it in ways that make even a reputable educated authority stop in awe. It completed him and who he wanted to become in every form, even if it meant having to balance his wants and needs against what he had always known.  


Time had frozen until I saw him again and there is no important memory I can pry out of my conscience even if I sat down to paint a vivid picture of it in my head, it was only him and the pace of my breathing. I had already coordinated several presentations for him and continued to explain them to him in an orderly fashion. I know he will never be completely satisfied so what I say or do will always be diverse and open minded for him. He agrees I take him out to our favorite type of outing, a bar side quickie for several shots, a well-made mouthwatering drink topped off with the most embarrassing excuse for “street tacos” a rather inexcusable name to use.   

Every single thing that is done is exactly how he loves, from me myself to the moment he goes to sleep, and it will no matter what. Of course, the way a lot of things and people are ran is so obvious it's hard for me to watch, I would say solitude is very important to me, but I will put it aside for this feeling I have for this man. My submission derives from his creation, it amazes me very much and no its not entirely right but can be more so described as a work of art being in the perception of an observant who finds interest in progression.  

Still, I stand in his favorite positions, showering his eyes with his favorite candy to help his magnetic and well-articulated behavior control everyone in the room for his enjoyment, the voices are loud and the glasses clanking together vigorously because the staff is overwhelmed from hiring high school girls for their sprint break, not a very surprising issue that I over hear the trainee mouthing on about over the shoulder of an obviously uninterested women, she’s clearly a women of status considering she is a close and valuable coworker of my partner, you think he’d get the point but it persisted for two hours.  


It was going just fine until everything seemed to get quiet, not literally but rather this dark cloud of traveling white noise was traveling around the room that just so happened to overcome me, filling my body with fear and agonizing nausea that shocked me frozen, yet still somehow moving swiftly and accordingly so not a soul will notice, but that thing obviously noticed me and I don’t know how to react. My body is rejecting what is happening there's no possible way, I had pushed it so far behind in my head that it wasn’t supposed to exist, but it does.  

My pathetic excuse for a happy life was easily surfacing to my conscience at an alarming rate from every single inconsiderate voice that filled the room with the most repulsive sentences to the disgusting behavior of the needy and selfish women surrounding the perverted deranged men who only want validation to only be blindly used by each other. I only look up to use my partners coworkers' eyes as a mirror to track the dark entity only to realize she sees it and her eyes follow as its moving, something so disturbing to watch it nearly kills me inside until her eyes release from the tracking back to whatever attracts her eyes.  

It moved behind me so it can watch me pretend to be present but knowing exactly what I'm thinking at every moment I move and every single word I forcibly say while fighting to not get my throat stuck. I can almost hear what she was thinking when she saw it moving and how it planted itself completely alone in the middle of the room. I did something very bad only because I was so blinded by disbelief to the point where I proved it to myself by turning around and looking it in its eyes, he revealed to me through his pupils what reality really was and that’s when I knew I didn’t escape it and will keep running until I'm dead. Through this I will find an equal feeling of comfort and fear, everything as I know it is at risk and I should be worried about how much I care before it’s all gone. 

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Coffee <3

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You wrote such a good piece and it's truely a work of art. I love it. (〃∇〃)

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