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So how did I change Font in my profile

So recently I changed my font on my profile and you’re probably wondering how I did it? (this can also be used in blogs, comments, forums and bulletins)

1 – Go into word and copy/write what you want in the section on your profile

2 – change the font and whatever you want like where you want the words, size and etc…

3 – copy it and put it in a blog post, bulletin or forum topic. (if your only using this for a blog post, bulletin or forum topic then that’s all you need to do here. If you want to put new font in your profile keep going)

4 – click the wysiwyg button to change to html

5 – copy the html code and put it in the section in your profile

6 – press save and then your done, have fun

or you can

paste this code into the about me and take away the (font your want) to put in the font you want from google fonts or word:

    * {

        font-family: (font your want);


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