to day i went to a climate rally. there wernt many people and it seamed like it was a bit unoranised but i liked it. i went with my girlfiend scarlet, and flora and jamie. ther were other people from school there but i wish more people would have come. when we got back to school i went to house and had the most infuriating time cooking pasta. the walter never seemend to boil and there was no reseption in the kitchen and it took like 30 mins. i ended up giving it to scarlet because it was a type of pasta that she likes. we went back into geelong to go shopping. me and flora bought stuff at the opshop but scar didndt cuz she isnt interested in that kinda thing. we got food but than scarlet had to go cuz her sister was in the country and she wanted to see her for the weekend. me and flora kept on shopping and i got some realy cute undies. they are g strings but have cute little hearts and lace lining. there was another style of then there but it was like a realy masive versin that kinda looked like maternity undies. i have to pack up my bed cuz were changing dorms next term. i realy want to know who will be in it and what dorm it will be. anyway i have stuff all over the floor trying to sort what i will take to camp, im doing stand up padlebording, what i will take home and what im leaving here. at the opshop i got a jacket. its one of those zip up sports ones with the high neck. i feel like bella hadid in it but i props look more like roberte patterson in that one photo. i also got a peater alexander set tha is faded pink with red hearts and white bunnies that you cant realy see but i think its realy cute and it was nine dollers so wayyyy more afordable. i have been loving buying pjs from opshops resently, last weekend i got brand new pj pants for like 7 bucks they are blue with pink bows. i feel like they could look kinda tacky but i dont care cuz there are warm and i thing they look cool. the last thing i got today was this green vest that has this cool sequined neckline and it was 5 dollers. i have a vest slimerlar to it already that is pink and has cool paterens and secuens all over but i realy like this new one to and im super glad to find anothor this style. im super sorry about all my horid spelling and gramma and im sure the way i described things wasnt very good but they are realy so cool

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