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#1 - "First day of the week"

LOG. 12.09.2021 
I just came back home from studying, the day ended up terribly than I expected. the first day of the week is not the best day for most people on earth.
I spent most of my time hiding in the toilet room, It's dark, small and you can lock the door.
music class is no longer the same, it used to be fun and simple but since the new teacher came it's more difficult to learn and enjoy it. ceramic class takes away our freedom, you can't get creative! all you can do is listen to what the teacher is telling you to do and do as you're told.
the only thing that made me feel better was reading a book.
maybe today was not the best but now I have my free time! I can finally rest and do whatever I want.
tomorrow will be a better day 

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