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1st blog entry + css started

finally started on the skeleton of a css layout, though i'm absolutely killing my back doing it (and writing out this blog post)... reminder to self to work more tomorrow on more minute things like fonts, editing the tables, and generally adjusting the actual content. i don't have time for that right now.

i find it unbearably difficult to sit at my desk and work on something like this unless i focus until i forget anything else, but that's not really the best way to go about it. i don't have anything better to do either, though.

i was most interested in this site for the blog entries, so it's cool to me to see that there's a vast array of privacy options (which is pretty important to me). i find keeping notes in a physical diary very difficult compared to typing something out like this. it's kind of unfortunate because i like the idea of keeping a personalized journal that you can actually hold and not lose in the threads of the web, it feels more grounded. i would probably kill my wrist writing that much too honestly.

my memories of actual myspace are fuzzy but there. actually, one of my earliest memories is a family member showing me a "haunted" video on someone's myspace profile and having it scare me for many many years, lol. unfortunately facebook took over pretty much exactly when i started using the net ~2009 or so, so it's not like i ever got a chance to actually use it myself much. i was too busy on places like xat. this is a cool alternative, i guess. if anything it's been nice to brush up on css. i need to stop procrastinating and do something else.

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