The Exterminating Angel 1962 Film

"When Edmundo Nobile invites guests for dinner, his servants begin to disappear. After a while, his guests are unable to leave the room and get stuck there for several days." - Google.

What if some sort of an energy locked the room you are in now? who are with you at the moment? do you trust them? do they trust you? how far can you survive being in the same room with the current source of water/food or medicine?

The Exterminating Angel is asking us few questions like :
1- Do you think that everything happens for a reason?
2- On what base do you choose the people around?
3- Are we following our ethics, because it's a common moral in the modern sociaty or because we truly want to act on them?

Without going into spoilers, the movie was very interesting, a bit slow in the beginning but the last hour was really good.
what i didn't enjoy is the following.
1- Why the servants left? how could they feel that there is danger? was it even danger?
2- What happened to the man who wanted to bring his things today " I'll bring them today, they will not let us in tomorrow".
3- Also, tbh I didn't feel comfortable to the love scenes, some how they weren't respectful to the actress, and totally could be avoid.
What made me watch the film was a reddit post about Twin Peaks : the returnĀ S3E13 The Exterminating Audrey.

Thank you for reading.

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