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So, this is my first blog post! >w< 

Ok anywayss two of my best friends keep talking about each other to me behind my back and idk what side to pick! all I hear is ‘oh she’s so..’ ‘I don’t know why you hang out w her!’ hellppp TwT

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aghhh this happened to me in middle school once :( do you agree with either of their statements? imo you should side with whoever is saying the least mean/rude things. if they're both being too harsh though, that does make things a lot harder ;-; in my case one of them wasn't really insulting the other that hard, but the other basically seemed to hate them. (never saying it to their face of course!) i stuck with the one who seemed less judgemental u_u

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Comfront them, if they dont tell you anything cut them off, theyre no worth it :D

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