P3D0S and GR00M1NG online

Okay. We need to cover the topic of GR00M1NG. Its disgusting, who in the hecc would do that 2 somebody, especially a minor!?

Okay, so when I was about 9  or 10 yrs old, I downloaded this app called Bottles or Bottled, something like that. I didn't know that strangers could do that online, so I went face first into the app, accepting all of its conditions, but luckily I didn't click "okay" when it asked me for my location, because I thought it meant something else.. I made some friends on there, but there was this one person that went by drama_queen or drama_king or something. We became good friends online, but a few minutes into the friendship, he asked me for my age...

I didn't have any thoughts about it, so I told him I was 9, but he didn't tell me his age. He then kept sending me dirty emojis and telling me to send him pictures in all caps. luckily the next day my mom saw it and deleted the app.

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