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Ikea meatballs are so goooood !!!

I love IKEA meatballs.

They're so good and for what like how do you do that, that's impossible for it to be this good they must put drugs or something in it. GHDHgGFHDFJHDfkhKGDKFHSJBFKGh
It's so tasty, so juicy and it goes so well with the fries.
IKEA in itself is a godsent gift manufactured by the finest cooks, soon I will learn their secret, soon I'll take over Ikea and everyone will bow down to me, worship me, they'll be nothing without me, without IKEA meatballs.
Sleep soundly tonight and fear not for if you are loyal to me the meatballs will come to you, they'll love you and you'll love them.
Fear not for you are the meatball and I am IKEA.

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You MUST go there in June. the pride rainbow cake is real good

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have you ever heard of scp-3008

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No i haven't lemme check

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