i wanna fix the issue but i don’t know how

this is about my relationship with my partner.

i’ve been a really bad partner recently and i don’t fucking know why. in the past week I’ve hurt my partner’s feelings like 5 times and jesus fuck if i haven’t bashed my head against the wall trying to figure out why. it’s not like i can blame it on anything. i don’t even want to blame it on anything i just fucked up. i keep talking without thinking first and just cocking it up. i really really FUCKING REALLY  want to make it up to them and gain back their trust but damn dude i’m afraid. i don’t want to make it worse and i feel like i don’t deserve the chance to fix the issue. i’m just afraid and i don’t know what to do. i don’t necessarily want advice i’m just throwing this into the void to see what happens. i really hope i can fix things. i hate hurting people. especially my partner. they mean the world to me but i haven’t really been acting that way i guess. oh man today is gonna be something.

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just be chill man, practice what to say to her before seeing her again ig, just dont change or screw yourself over cuz at the end of the day she wants the authentic u

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