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"Welcome to the Internet"

Hello, Internet!

I'm Penny, and I'm relatively new here. I'm not a MySpace veteran (I think that's what someone identified as on here) but I do enjoy the laid-back, retro vibe here. With a whole lot of emo at the beginning, I was a little hesitant in case I wasn't emo enough, but as soon as I dove into the blogs and bulletins, I found that this place is packed with an eye-opening range of people. It's really interesting to find that SpaceHey is, in it's own way, trying to take part in restoring the internet to how it was; a more peaceful place to find like-minded friends and less of giant-corporation infested, money-grabbing, dramatic hypocrite-laced kind of void. 
At least, that's how I'm understanding it to be. 
I originally found out about this space from someone I matched with on a gamer's dating app. I'm sad that I didn't join right then and add him as a friend because I lost touch with him and I have no way to ever find him again. I'm a little sentimental about those kinds of situations, I guess.
Either way, I'm very intrigued by SpaceHey. It's my most frequent thing I type into the search bar besides my school websites, and it's almost making me get back into my internet-addicted ways again...but in a nice and modestly welcoming way.

Well, anyway, I hope that I'll be around here long enough to post another blog entry. I've always dreamed of blogging in my own weird nerdy kind of way xP

Farewell for now!

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