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Last drink with you

Last night,

Not by my side,
Cut ties and I cut my-
What I want?
One last drink with you,
One last tease with you,
One last “eek” from you,
Last thing to do.
for we part ways,
Formin dark days,
Call my doc K,
Cause I be depressed
needs prescs,
Need rest,
Been a long day 
And your haunting,
Frames in the hallway,
Same replays gettin old,
See a bit of you 
in all who I see,
Screwing with my mental,
Like coke with the mentose,
Now tip toe outa my life
Don’t feel right 
A Bottle beside.
Drink without you 
Drown and doubt you
Pout and now to let go.
Wish I had the hope 
I felt before I met you,
Least then I didn’t dream man
Didn’t need treatment
Shoulda seen it comin,
Fuck this cunt eehh
Take it back.
Can’t hate,
Maybe I should tho,
Kinda like you no?
Claim you don’t 
You pulled trig 
And didn’t listen,
I guess you were a fool,
Cool me too.
Cold things I do 
And hurt you,
Love burns 3rd degree for you.
Center, my everything 
Positive energy within me 
even if we fighting 
Cause I like your presence,
Your life’s a present,
In your eyes I forget
Lies that I tell my self,
In Hell, I ain’t even die.
Ship floatin,
An ocean, between us,
You were drowning,
Didn’t know it,
Till the shit hit the fan
What A Fuckin waste,
Yo Why we gotta take shots?
Vodka cause a monster,
Left ya foster,
And I want to,
Hear your laughter,
Wish I didn’t step on you 
You matter,  
and I’m filled with guilt 
it kills.
Repeatin sentences 
I’ve said in the past
So the last thing ill say.

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