leg eating fish

I keep having this repetitive dream. It's the same dream but in different ways. The last time I had it was a while back in the dream I was watching the sunset at a lake/beach. The sky was a lavender pastel purple and the moon was out. It was grey and full. i remember i got the urge to stand up and then the moon started dragging me into the water. i kept resisting but i wasn't strong enough, so i fell in. Not entirely tho. I was floating. then some grey fish, mind its humongous idek if a species of fish like this exists, but the fish started swallowing my legs. it looked like a piranha but was way too big. I've had other dreams about me getting swallowed by the same fish but in different places by different bodies of water. I dream inconsistently or don't remember them at all. idk what this means. I tried looking it up but haven't found anything on leg eating fish lol. 

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