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i was attacked by a humoungus moth and now its searching for me.

i only got about two hours of sleep because i got attacked by a HUGE moth. i was laying there in my bed and it was around 1:20 am. i was tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable spot to continue to read my book until i realized my stuffed animals where scattered all over the place. so, i sat up and fixed them until i got to my life size teddy bear. i began to fix his shirt and then repositioned him a bit. I went to fluff up the fur at hte top of his head and as soon as my fingers touched him A HUMOUNGUS MOTH GOES FUCKING FLYING AT ME. now when i tell yall my soul left my body IT DESINAGRATED. i TELEPORTED out of my bed and went zooming for my door. i stood at my door for a long moment, staring at the demon of a moth that literally snatched my soul. i took a breather and then started thinking of ways to kill it. i started panicking because i did not want to come anywhere near that wretched thing. i suddenly had a lightbulb moment. i could wake my mother up and make her kill it. i stood and contemplated it seeing as it was now around 1:40 am but made up my mind quickly CUZ IM NOT TOUCHING THAT MOTHERFUKER. so i went and woke my mother and her boyfriend up to kill it :D my mom ignored me and her boyfirend attempted to kill it as my mother called me dramatic.. n e ways her boyfriend hit the moth but it GOT FUCKING AWAY AND NOBODY KNOWS WHERE HE FUCK IT WENT SO NOW ITS GOING TO KILL ME IN MY SLEEP I CAN SENSE ITS BLOOD THIRST ASS. its coming for me and this is my goodbye letter because i will not be surviving if i see that little shit again. i love all of you and hope to see the light of the next morning.


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humongous wot?

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