Roleplaying Sample

(Just a sample of my roleplaying style. I can usually go much more in depth, with replies, depending on my partner. But I will at least always write a couple paragraphs in response.)

The distressed woman stands at the edge of her garden; thumb between lips as she lightly chews on her nail in a self soothing attempt. The dark blue eye bags underneath her ruby hues, which would indicate her lack of proper sleep in quite some time, only made more prominent by her otherwise pale skin. Her long, wavy locks of pink hair somewhat messy, as if she had just hopped out of her bed to walk the grounds. They rolled over her shoulders and down to the center of her back. Yet, despite all this, she still appeared as properly kept and beautiful as ever; almost as if the royal blood in her veins kept her appearances in their own right, even without proper makeup and a good hair brushing.

The feline princess of this very kingdom, surrounded by this lush, beautiful garden she now stood in.

The very kingdom now in danger, and now pushing her to this distressed state.

The breeze in the crisp, cool morning, would pick up; causing her rococo victorian dress to shift slightly in the frills. It was a of peach color, with white frills and golden detail; little pink roses decorating up the front seem of the dress. A silver collar decorated her throat, though it's reason for being there unknown to most others that laid their eyes upon it. It seemed far different from the usual jewelry the royals wore. But most did not bother to ask, and simply assumed it was a new fashion statement. The wealthy often had strange ways of portraying their wealth, and overwhelming amounts of money, after all. 

With a long sigh, Princess Daisy adjusts the silver, ruby gem encrusted tiara along her head; soft feline ears drooping in a depressed state. Her eyes lower to the ground, as she finally takes her thumb from her lips and places her hand back at her side. Her peach heels press into the garden grass; leaving an indent, as her brows furrow, and lips droop in a deep frown. 

"This can't really be all that I can do..." Daisy would mutter under her breath, her tone a frustrated grumble.

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