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miles away

sometimes i feel like i’m a million miles away from the people i surround myself with. i’m not going to sit here and tell myself that i don’t have anyone in my life, because i do. but i still feel like that. i feel so distant and alone. and there’s truly nothing i can do about it. and it’s kinda scary. when i look at myself in pictures, i think about every time i’ve felt like this and i feel like i shouldn’t even deserve to feel like this. someone as truly ugly as me shouldn’t feel like this because it’s selfish. again, not physically ugly. i don’t believe i’m too shabby physically but i feel that my soul itself is wretched and completely and utterly disgusting. 

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Ayesha Erotica

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i totally understand what you are feeling, i feel that way with anyone who's there for me and i feel like no matter what they do im miles away and sometimes i think its for the better because of how much i hate the way i am, theres so many ways to explain this feeling but i completely get it

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