Dreaming of SpaceHey

Well, I'm ecstatic. I've been dreaming of a real classic Myspace substitute for over 10 years. 

Thank you thank you thank you whoever you are that finally did this!

Marvelous. Bravo.

I will be getting to this blog very soon to make more entries. 

I am an author, poet, essayist, editor, and poet-philosopher of the pure land school of haiku. So you will find poetry and poetry lessons and challenges in this blog. Enjoy.

Here are a few of my recent haiku to get things started:

around her neck
polished jewels of the sea...
bright crescent moon

leatherbacks swim
among trees

sandcastles melt
into receding waves...
mole crabs burrow

new mandalas—
sand dollars litter
the beach

This is gong to be soooooooooooooooo great!

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Welcome, I'm glad you found SpaceHey! I hope you have an amazing time here - if there is any feature which is missing, let me know :)

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Journal of the Vril

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I had the same longing. I really missed MySpace blogs. I typed in "MySpace Clone" into Bing hoping to find some sort of private social network I could setup and from where I could blog and happened across SpaceHey.

Later learned it was launched the day after my birthday, last year. Wished I'd known about it sooner!

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Me too.

Every once in a while I was searching for Myspace duplicates, replicas, clones and no hits. Then today, lo and behold, I discovered it.

We need to get word around.

I just notified a couple hundred of my old Myspace friends.

by David E Navarro; ; Report

I'm constantly pushing it on Twitter. And told a bunch of my friends.

by Journal of the Vril; ; Report