Idiot Sandwich

Hey guys. It's me Idiot Sandwich 

You may not know me yet but I'm just an innocent little sandwich trying to get through the tough path that my life has paved out for me. As you can see, I am moldy and stinky. I think I am like 2 years old and I have been under this guys bed for around 1 and a half of those 2 years. It's been difficult having to smell his disgusting, vile farts every night. thankfully the boy doesn't get too much sleep so it's not that bad, but I think his farts worsened my condition. 

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aww, im sorry sandwich :-( i would gladly feed you to my dog if that makes you feel better :-(((

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Wouldn't that kill it

by idiotsandwich; ; Report

prolly not, considering that he is buried in my grandmother backyard, he'll be fine

by Jean; ; Report


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oh god.. i am so so sorry... have you considered calling the idiot sandwich hotline

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the only hotline i'll be calling is the one to do with a rope at this rate

by idiotsandwich; ; Report