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its my b-day today (as the title suggests) i went shopping and got a bunch of clothes from H&M and got two records from this small record shop in the town, its called cool discs its really cool, i got disintigration by the cure and highway 61 by bob dylan, it was a fun day, currently listening to disintigration (its very good), the cure is coming to ireland in december might ask for tickets as an early chritsmas present who knows. i got some cake today which was nice. I GOT THE MCR HIPDOR BOX SET WHICH IM SO HAPPY ABOUT!!!1!! wasnt even expecting to get it when i asked which is even better, idk when itll be here tho, its so fun to blog and just talk fr need to do thus more. space hey has brought me so much joy its insane. even tho no one will read this (i think)anyways 

bye for now - XOXO jaime

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