Currently in school, we haven’t been doing much lately but it’s still a pain to wake up every morning at 7 am.

Today I had no homework except some random English exercises that were pretty simple, I’m good with English anyways.
Our p.e. Teacher is kinda nuts so he just started talking about hunting and how people train falcons to kill other animals for fun, hate that, if it was for me I’d make hunting illegal, it’s such a cruel and sadistic way of spending your time, literally see no difference between this and killing people.
Because of this I’ve been thinking of starting a vegetarian diet, I hate the texture and smell of meat anyways, the problem is that i probably have low iron so if I stopped eating meat I’d pass out every 2 minutes, fuck.
Other than this nothing new, hate my class and hate my school as usual, not really hate my school tho, I just hate the fact that there is a lot of cool people and I’m too scared to talk with them :(

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