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ok so like back in july i met this boy on discord and his name was aspen and like. we met in a server and like. immediately clicked. like we talked CONSTANTLY. like always texting back and forth. and that lasted like a few days and then he like.. stopped? he still talked to me but it was just a bit more.... distant. he would reply to me hours later and our conversations became less and less. AND OF COURSE i had to start liking him. a lot. and i put the dryness aside if that meant i could talk to him. did i know what his voice sounded like? nope. have i only seen his face.. ONCE? yes. and he wasnt ugly but he wasnt like drop dead gorgeous, he was cute in a sort of.. ugly way. and or course. i fell in love with him. i was head over heels for this boy. he was so so so perfect in every way possible and was so caring and literally the perfect boy. of course i had to wife him up, and i confessed and he said something like "im scared of relationships but that doesnt mean this cant work" BUT. of course this high has to crash. and he stopped talking to me. and its been 6 months and I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN OVER HIM. i miss him so much. i am still very much head over heels for him. 

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