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Art block and Oil Paint!

Art block is totally a thing, and it's so annoying! I hate it, because drawing is something I do every day, so when I want to draw and I can't get an idea, or I have an idea but it just won't go where I want it to, is the worst feeling!!! Usually to remedy it, I have to mix things up a little. Going for a new workflow, or swapping from digital to traditional for a bit (or vice versa) is usually a good way to get rid of it. Even changing subjects, like drawing animals instead of characters, helps sometimes! There's something I've been meaning to start an oil painting of, but for some reason, I just can't seem to start it! The bright white canvas board is staring at me... Painting with oils is something I really, really want to get more used to and do more often, but making sure I'm free of health hazards when doing so is the one thing that presents the biggest issue... I don't have access to a studio, and my flat is way too small to do it indoors. Unless I had the window open? But even then that probably isn't enough. I plan to do it plein air, but where I live it's still quite cold!!! I wish such things were easier to get around! ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙

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You can do fan-art if that's a good idea for you ?

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