✨the art of insanity✨

He told me he wanted to end things.

He says i was hurting him with my love. That i made him happy but he wish he never met me. Even though he was all i wanted and i was the best i could ever be to him, i can see why he would want me less. Even though i couldn't understand why he would make such a decision i could imagine how he felt. Being loved by the girl of his dreams but with a price... you may think i fucked up or i had some unattractive habit that no man would want to deal with or he did something i took the blame for, but theres more to it than something as slight as that. To every ending like this, theres a beginning. It started highschool sophomore year i met an unfamiliar face. In math class, still socializing with my friends i see his face across from me at my table to shy to stare, not recognizing his features. He was a funny guy and soon started talking to him some time after christmas, after a toxic non-communicative relationship with a guy who couldn't figure out his emotions, making impulsive decisions. Then a few months later we got closer, finding interest in each other not long after breaking a trauma bonded relationship i shared with a guy who was broken himself. A life only he could live and circumstances only he could bear. You could say he lived on the very edge of life and borderline surviving. As clueless as the new guy was with my distorted relationship past he found interest in me. I told him all the shit that comes with me and he took that chance to be with me. But soon he began to pay the price.

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