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mica's guide to being a girlboss

hey guys... so its come to my attention that some of you are NOT gatekeeping, gaslighting and girlbossing everyday as you should.
this is frankly disgusting and depraved so i guess ill help you out.

part one: gatekeeping 

although frowned upon gatekeeping is a necessary part of society. it keeps the greater talent in hiding and prevents the artists from becoming too burnt out and from their ego growing to the point where their ticket and merch prices go up to £200 *cough cough* the neighbourhood... anyways to be a good gatekeep all you need to do is not talk about your super cool super slick music taste to anyone other than trusted individuals and people with the same taste. its simple really.

part two: gaslighting

gaslighting is another thing we are told not to do by society... but when has society ever done anything good for us? NEVER! so gaslight to your hearts content. now with gaslighting there a couple of ground rules:

-only gaslight men and bad people  
-never be afraid to take it too far 

being a gaslight will enhance your charisma and ability to lie.
as a lifestyle is very helpful and interesting as you're able to see what makes people tick, so if you're nosey like me, its great.

part three: girlbossing

last but not least is the role of girlbossing in ones daily life. being a girlboss requires more than just confidence and a stable vision as to what you want for instance drinking on a school night with friends is a girlboss mood however getting drunk on a school night and calling the guy your talking to while your sober friend writes a blogpost is NOT a girlboss mood.

being a girlboss requires 4 main attributes:

B: beauty- girlbosses must feel beautiful on both the inside and on the outside to be a girlboss is to reach a heightened state of being and only completely beautiful souls can transcend the mortal shackles of insecurity.

O: openess- to be a girlboss you need to be open and honest about any and all situations as a girlboss it is your duty to wear your opinions and heart on your sleeve you must be able to read subtle social implications and using the information you would have gathered (from your other roles) you will be able to accurately determine what and when to say certain opinions.

S: serenity- now as a girlboss you would've reached a higher state that many of your friends probably haven't yet achieved. as apart of this understanding how to reach a place of serenity will allow you to remain in a patient state of mind and continue to thrive in you girlboss lifestyle.   

S: security- never forget who you are always stay secure in who you are and what you stand for

see it wasn't that hard I managed to condense it into three simple steps and stages of evolution to reach a final liveable laughable and lovable form of life.

alrighty gals signing off my first girlblog 

xoxo m
(or gossipgirl if you'd prefer)

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ruby <3

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ur the coolest. ill be taking this advice on board and improve my girlboss techniques. absolutley xoxoxo

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