Star-fire: Poetic Collection

Star-fire: Poetic Collection

Copyright by Rodney C. Johnson

Star-fire: Poetic Collection©Rodney C. Johnson and Roadrunner Books, a division of ThunderHawk Enterprises. All Rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.
Cover art by Roark Dallas.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Starfire

Chapter Two: Where Rests My Hope..
Chapter Three: Dark-Fire

Chapter Four: Destiny's Collide

Chapter Five: Literally Soulless

Chapter Six: Angel with a Tilted Halo

Chapter Seven: Fire-Goddess

Chapter Eight: Screaming in the face of G-d!

Chapter Nine: Masque


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I write poetry in a primal-rage. For me a poem is about unlocking my inner core, in the moment of what the Old Celts deemed ríastrad – the warp-spasm. For me, this is when I'm at my rawest, and therefore truest self. What you shall read on these pages is meant to be rough, frayed a bit at the edges.Please enjoy.

Rodney C. Johnson 

April 17, 2011

Chapter One: Starfire

Rising Sun,
Darkness to light,
Behold the dawn star-fire so bright.

Fire of hope and love rekindled in the heart.
Star-fire burns on the horizon so bright.

In my core burns this chaos star,
From star-fire I take my power.
Like a watchtower in the night rising sun star of hope.

Over the horizon so bright, behold the dawn.
Darkness to light, rising sun, star of hope rekindled in the heart.

Chapter Two: Where Rests My Hope...

Where rests my hope destruction is,
Between candle and burning sun is my power!

To see her with him, he my eternal nemesis.
This undoing fate thrust upon me.

In my heart burns the fire sparked by love,
Turning to blue tinted madness.

My soul burns in a pit of lava – scars flay my spirit,
A Shadow I am!

Before her I fall to worship. To ascend and take his place.
Goddess and consort in the stars.

Passions drive me on giving me reason to be.
To become he that I despise and fight the battle for what is mine!

Power to create and destroy all in one soul.
Hate, fear, love, loss...

Chapter Three: Dark-Fire

Dark fire cast,
Flame of burning blast-furnace of my hearts core.

Where there should be light shadows reign!

I feel rage, in that moment I am alive.

Flames fueled, not by hate - no love sets this pyre aflame.
What can I do to still it? Do I wish to extinguish this blaze?

No the conflagration drives me on!!!

Dark fire cast on my soul,
A shadow reigns over its light!

Chapter Four: Destiny's Collide

Two souls lost in the night seeking to become.
Burning in desire, drawn to a vortex.
Eye of the storm unleashed.
Interests heighten feeding the maelstroms might.

Testing, seeking, finding across the ether.
Colliding two become one!
Who will be the first to say the word?

Reaching out: “Yes” is whispered upon the wind
A hurricane arises from two made one.

Chapter Five: Literally Soulless

Literally soulless,
seeking some god or devil that will hear my plea.
None return my cry!

I turn to the darkness wanting it to give me light. I have no soul and am willing to do ANYTHING to get what I want. Can you relate?

In me a fire rages, a fury burns, the Universe has forsaken me forever more I am left to journey in my soulless cold heart.

One desire I have - I must obtain or recede into the shadows lost to the world.

The gods and angels have turned me away. They pay no heed to my wishes. What have I done to be scorned? What misdeed have I wrought?

My life has been sorrow spread on a field. The ONE thing that would give me pleasure I am denied! Unanswered are my pleas!

Can't the Universe turn my way?
Can't it open the light to fill my soulless heart?
Can't it just be kind to me... EVERYTHING else I am willing to win by my own hand. This I have said, this I have agreed. Why does it not listen?

FATE has been fickle, ensuring my defeat.
Winning is setting a goal and meeting the goal - seconds is anything else but that ONE thing.

My words fail me when I need them to be strong, they are our of the fate they have written onto me.

This role I play, it is but a role. I am more then I seem. Why can't she see?
I am a king among men destined for the sky.

One desire I have - I must obtain or recede into the shadows lost to the world. The crown I will forge for myself, but I would pass the crown on to be with her!

Meaningless... Nothing changes by my words.

Literally soulless,
seeking some god or devil that will hear my plea.
None return my cry! From on-high they laugh at me enjoying the hum.

Chapter Six: Angel with a Tilted Halo

Down from paradise,
She's an Angel with a tilted halo.
I long to confess my love but am forbidden!
Can she know how I feel? Does she know?
She's so bad for me. Her Halo tilted

There must be gods in paradise - A random Universe could not be so cruel. To present me with what I desire most, yet forbid me from reaching for my Angel with a tilted halo.

She's a kiss of paradise, my power, my pleasure my pain.

Chapter Seven: Fire-Goddess

Flame-bird rising,
Nest becomes fire.
Out of darkness, soaring on high.

Light-immortal kissed by fire goddess.
In crystal nest eternal flame resides.
Illuminated souls are we.

Fire goddess born anew
Wings of fire
Each dawn rising, reaching…
Immortal light on horizon,
Eternal flame in our eyes ever gleams pure.

Chapter Eight: Screaming in the face of G-d!

Screaming in the face of G-d!
Ever have one of those moments where you just wanted to reach up to the celestial and do no more then let out one huge primal roar?


That’s all I want to know. Who's getting anything out of all of this? Omniscient and all knowing ONE. You've seen and can experience the outcome - Why bother tormenting us fleas?

"Free will is an illusion!"

If the outcome is predestined, if we are meant to be with someone and that’s that! Whats the point?

"I choose to defy destiny itself."

That’s right I'm screaming in the face of god itself!

Chapter Nine: Masque

The face you see,
A meek masque to hide my true countenance.

This mask a facade, a courtly display filled with fabulous colours,
A charade for the dancers in the hall at this ornate ball.

Crafted from paper and painted horns raised toward sky.
Blue velvet jacket buttoned high! Silken gloves sheath my razor talons.

A meek masque shrouds a beast. Claws and feathers all in a fury,
Over the beasts snarling fangs the mask cloaks my true self.

Primal fury hidden away beneath the ball’s resplendent finery.
Horned tilted mask greets maiden fair.


Smashed upon the ground!
Aching in its hutch.

Smashed on the stone floor,
My broken heart pumps its last blood.

A mass of hurting flesh my broken heart beats in sorrow.
Aching, smashed to sorrows, runs deep a cold river in my veins.

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