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Billy Goats Gruff: A Spanking Short

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A good old fashioned razor strapping out in the barn, teaches London Tarkenton, while visiting a working family farm, that even collage girls, aren’t too grown up to be thoroughly spanked, when the occasion deems it necessary. 

Table of Contents 

Part 1. City Girls, and Country Babes 

Part 2. The Follies of Brutus 

Part 3. Old Barn, and Razor Strap 

Epilogue. Dorm Discipline 

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About The Author 

Part 1. City Girls, and Country Babes

[Rebekah Fox & London Tarkenton, 19 and, 18]

London Tarkenton remained in a state of culture shock. Her visit, with her college roommate, Rebekah to her family's rural North Dakota farm had proven to be a great deal more different than her cultured New York City life. 

The girls had come to Fox farm on school break, though it wasn't turning out to be the vacation that London had in mind when her friend first floated the notion of going back with her to North Dakota. First, the chores that Rebekah's brother, the very tall, muscular, and rather handsome – for a country boy, Buck roused them to go about, did not turn out to be London's idea of fun. She’d expected a few weeks away from New York, to be relaxing, not waking at the crack of dawn so she could go feed chickens very much of a vacation. London would've preferred her biology books over this, and she wasn’t even that outstanding in science. 

Not that Rebekah's family were anything but gracious to her. Certainly her friend’s mother made sure London felt right at home, just like one of the family. And the meals were scrumptious, nice and hearty. The sort of comfort, stick to your ribs food you'd expect on a working farm. 

Things got a little weird... Awkward, however when one evening, Rebekah got bratty with Buck. At first it had been just good humored, little sister teasing of a big brother, yet it crossed the line (in Buck's mind) after Rebekah had begun to engage in foul language when Buck tried to ignore her. Rebekah didn't like being ignored. One too many swear words too far, and Buck ordered Rebekah to get ready to go to the barn. 

Rebekah had looked at him mortified, and even tried to protest, appealing to her mother, who made it quite clear, just as always, Buck being the eldest, and 'Man of the House' was still in charge of discipline, what he said, went. London had watched confused, and honestly baffled while her friend could only stare at her, beet red, and weeping. 

Soon thereafter, Rebekah had stripped herself down to her underwear, a pretty matched pair of lavender lace bra, and panties. London watched aghast as her lovely brown haired college roommate stoically marched across the yard, all swaying country girl curves, and knolls, scantily concealed underneath skimpy pastel lingerie. 

Buck followed his nineteen year-old little sister as she walked, barefoot toward the barn, one of a couple located on the farm. Though none of the family bothered to explain, London deduced her friend was going out there to get a dose of corporeal punishment, ...


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