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Why do Peoples Still Support Platforms like Facebook and others?

What do you all think of Facebook / Instagram now ?

Well I Deleted all of my Facebook Accounts Since August 2020 never look back for a lot of reasons ! I should had Deleted it years ago ! I join Facebook back in 2009 most of my friends had left MySpace , plus Facebook had good games for a few years until they died or left.

Facebook keeps on Deleting my posts / FB Jailed times  

Now Facebook is getting real bad . a lot of peoples had left Facebook.

Plus I already Deleted Instagram account back in Feb 2020

So have you guys left Facebook or sticking around with them still ?

Twitter for right now for me is okay.  Will I leave it ? maybe It all depends.

TikTok: Never use it And NEVER will ! 

                              Long Lived SpaceHey (MySpace)

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I am still using FB but since finding this place not so much. Some of the articles are engaging if you can tolerate the constant advertising/sponsors in the news feed. A lot of friends and family are on there so another reason I haven't deleted. I used friend project briefly; it's pretty much a clone of this place isn't it!

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