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Notes From - TFGES: Cygnus Prime [Imperial Center]

Cygnus Prime [Imperial Center]

This is a very rough graphic depicting "Imperial Center" the core worlds of The Federal Galactic Empire.

is the Capital Planet of the Empire, which is sometimes known as "The Holy Vril Empire", and home to the Sovereign Marshal. The planet, indeed the star system were founded by The Phoenix and is not a naturally occurring star system, but an object created by Technomancy!

Dragoon Geography and Important Places

  • Mt Vultan aka The Mountain of God/The Black Mountain
  • Icenii-Frost River
  • Tamerline Forest
  • Thorn Railroad
  • Lake Urks
  • New Ironvaal
  • Drakshire - Capital of the Empire
  • Imperial Avenue aka Ironhoof Lane
  • Falcon's Krag Fortress/Castle/Palace/"Hunting Lodge"
  • Reeve Hall - Meeting center for Planetary Shirehold, either system lords or their chosen representatives.
  • Mayor of Drakshire's Office and municipal Building. The City's government.
  • Iron Cavalier Barracks and Training Center
  • Paladin of The Phoenix Chapel. Elite Iron Cavalier belong to this knighthood.
  • D-7 Shrike Honorary Guard Posting. D-7 Shrike Unit Mecha remain posted in honor of their service during the Liberation War
  • Starcore Tabernacle
  • Great Stadium
  • Pendragon Trinity Academy
  • Oswin Sax Marketplace [An outdoor/indoor mall on the avenue]
  • Liberation War Memorial
  • Cenotaph of The Phoenix
  • Statue of Arshira Hol aka Frederika Gotha
  • Icenii-Frost River Barge and Fisherman's landing
  • Swan Spaceport and Lancer Military Base
  • Kraymoore
  • Ravenhold Castle
  • Imperial Banking Center

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